Coffee House

A Great Collection for Coffee Lovers...

The objective of this coursework was to demonstrate an understanding of the Python Flask micro-framework by creating a prototype web application of an online catalogue. I chose a variety of coffee types as my online catalogue. I achieved this by using Levinux in a virtual Linux server that ran from a USB drive. Within the Levinux environment, I used the command line and Secure Shell (SSH) which allow me to run my web application. I also used Python Flask features such as the debugging tool, JSON and Jinja2 templating in the development of my web app.

The web technologies that were used are HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Jinja2, Python, SQLite, Linux Database & SSH

Role: Full Web Developer

Year: 2017



Screenshot of the final website.



Responsive web design approach is essential these days to design so that the website renders well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.